Top iPhone Complaints

  • Absolutely need a computer + iTunes to ‘unbrick’ the phone so to speak. This leaves linux users in the dust. Also what if you don’t have a computer and just want a cool phone?
  • App store EULA stated I could use paypal for payment, yet the signup asked for a credit card and had no way to enter paypal information. I found later I could go through iTunes and set this up but still a disapointment that I couldn’t do it via the phone. And to be honest I’m not sure it worked because it still displays my credit card under payment information.
  • No easy way to delete default apps. Follow the previous link to learn to do it the hard way.
  • Touch pad sometimes doesn’t work at all! Wait, that’s because my fingers are big and are triggering the pad at the sides when I normally hold the phone.
  • My refurbished iPhone did not come with any instruction manual. Not sure if there even is an instruction manual for the iPhone.
  • Did a search, and nope can’t get a bluetooth keyboard to work for the iPhone. In fact apparently you can’t get anything but mono headsets to work.
  • In order for me to program my own apps, I need to pay $99 at least to sign up with the iPhone Developer Program.
  • My flubby fingers hate hitting the M button on the keyboard. Keeps thinking I hit the delete key.
  • Sometimes the keyboard is smart, displaying a .com button for web addresses and defaulting to they numerical keyboard when you need to insert numbers. Sometimes it’s dumb, just giving you the standard keyboard.
  • iPhone does not import contacts from SIM cards. I had to manually type in every phone number.
  • I’ve been able to find tutorials to do most everything above and much much more. All these tutorials seems to start with… ‘I’m assuming your iPhone is jailbreaked.’

Don’t get me wrong. I’m loving my iPhone and it’s miles above my Nokia brick phone I had previously. But there do seem to be some gotchas.

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