Iphone Woes

I got an iphone yesterday.

Although currently it’s not activated, for that I have to wait a few days. So I thought I’d see what I can do with it in spite of that.

So far it turns out I can’t do anything.

Upon loading up the iphone I’m greeted with a picture telling me to plug the phone into iTunes. On the bottom it says slide here for emergency, which I suppose allows one to make emergency calls despite the fact it isn’t activated.

I really didn’t want to install iTunes. I wanted a more agnostic approach to controling my iphone so I hit the net. My first idea was to try to get my iphone synced with foobar2k. I quickly found a plugin called foo_pod but then was disapointed to learn it isn’t available for the latest version of foobar. But that led me to an alternate plugin called foo_dop.

However the requirements for foo_dop stated I needed to install iTunes in order for it to work. I was back at square one. Googling again I found this comparison of ipod managers on wikipedia. First on the list stated Amarok has iphone support. Maybe I could get this to work on my linux box. But after searching I found not only did it not support my phone. But also amarok 2 doesn’t seem to support any phones at all.

I looked through the list. Trying to find something. I came across floola. But it doesn’t support iphones. I tried mediachest, but it requires java.

I then tried gtkpod. Which in order to use you need to mount the iphone first. So I installed ifuse. It seemed like it worked, although when I plugged in my iphone I got three camera icons instead of one in addtion to the mounted drive. I could see many directories on my iphone. Maybe I was in buisness.

But alas, no matter what I tried and how many tutorials I read I could not get gtkpod to recognize my phone.

And at that I ran out of options as far as I can tell. So I’m off to download iTunes in all it’s glory.

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