Things you may not know about babies

Some things I didn’t know myself.

  • Babies are basically legally blind when they are first born. A newborn baby is greeted with a mere smudge in the direction of a light. As time goes by they soon gain some sort term vision and will recognize faces if closer then a foot after a few weeks. Even then, their ability to differentiate different colors is limited until their eyes develop more. At around seven months a baby can see almost as well as you can. For more information check out this page on visual development.
  • Babies don’t have kneecaps so to speak. They have knees but they don’t start to ossify until around age three.
  • Newborn babies must be burped in order to ensure the peacefulness of the household. Many parents learn quickly to burp their baby often. What some parents might miss out on though is the nature of burping itself. In order for a burp to be successful the person burping must be orientated upwards. Otherwise any solids or fluids in the stomach will come along with the gas. That being said babies do not require much burping or really any at all as soon as they start sitting up and moving around. So burp often until your child develops the strength for locomotion.

That’s all I’ve got at the moment.

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