Hope for Ubuntu on my Acer Aspire – Part 1

I’m writing this on a different computer because at the moment mine is being repartitioned. Earlier today I downloaded the latest version of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop version and gave it a whirl.

Everything worked, that is except for the wireless card. After some Googling I found plenty of links which direct me to try out ndiswrapper which apparently does the trick.

So I’m attempting it. Although currently I’m making room for it and shifting around my partitions to make a new one. I’m using Gparted LiveCD 0.3.6-7 to assist me in the task. So far everything seems good but it’s taking forever. 150 gigabytes of stuff apparently takes a while to move around.

I’ll keep everyone updated. So far the current plan is to dual boot so hopefully I’ll still have my Frankenstein Vista copy safe and sound.

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