I Bid Adieu, Ubuntu

Yesterday I threw in the towel. I’ve been having problems with ACPI on my new Ubuntu partition. I’ve got other small problems but the ACPI ones are really the deal breaker. A laptop that can’t hibernate isn’t much of a laptop.

I’ve been digging through the articles and online trying to come up with solutions to the problem. Maybe I could help debug or a patch existed.

I couldn’t find much, except that it was likely to be some sort of weird hardware problem that was nobody’s fault. Some advice seemed to recommend trying the latest kernel out.

So yesterday I followed the instructions and upgraded my system to Intrepid Ibex. At first it seemed to go very smoothly, but then there were problems generating menu.lst and some of the packages failed. I tried manually editing menu.lst but upon booting up the newer kernel seemed to fail with my video card.

The system sort of works right now, although it seems to have problems shutting down or restarting. I can boot using the older kernel. So I’m going to keep around the system for a few in case I need a handy Linux box.

Of course after I did all this Ubuntu released alpha 3 of Intrepid Ibex. Perhaps the LiveCD of the new version will fair better, for now though I’m taking a break and going back to the slower, more sluggish but more compatible Vista system.

Ubuntu Evolution Email Uninstall

Recently Ubuntu pushed some new kernel files and an update to evolution to me. I didn’t want evolution so I did what I could to rip it out because unfortunately it is tied to the OS.

This really should have been easy, but if you try to remove it will come up with dependencies. So I opened up Synaptic Package Manager and this is what I did. The following applies to 8.04.1 Hardy Heron.

Packages I removed:

Packages I upgraded:

Just thought it might be helpful to anyone else wanting to rip Evolution out. So far I haven’t noticed any problems at all.