Ubuntu 7zip

Most Linux systems have native support for the major archive types. But in order to get .7z files to work in Ubuntu Hardy Heron do the following:

System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manage

Search for p7zip and install

Now they should work just fine.

Windows Putty to Linux OpenSSH

One of the hurdles I needed to tackle in my move to Linux was making my ssh keys work. It took a little digging but eventually I figured out the process.

Download puttygen.exe for windows. Open up your ssh keys with puttygen and choose export. Export them as OpenSSH keys.

Copy these keys over to linux and put them in ~/.ssh

Create the text file ~/.ssh/config

Put the following block for each key.

Host shortname
HostName myserver.com
User username
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/myserver.key

Host holds an alias for your ssh config. Now to connect to a particular server just envoke ssh shortname

Pretty simple.