Tame Your Windows Processes

Awhile back I came across the program to control your windows processes.

You can find it on your Windows XP machine under the name SC. Either use your command prompt or Start->Run.

DESCRIPTION: SC is a command line program used for communicating with the NT Service Controller and services.

I ended up using it to shut off VMWare Processes. My computer is a little on the old side, and everything I can cut down on helps. So I created to .bat files.


sc start VMnetDHCP
sc start "VMware NAT Service"
sc start vmount2
sc start VMAuthdService
sc start vmserverdWin32


sc stop VMnetDHCP
sc stop "VMware NAT Service"
sc stop vmount2
sc stop vmserverdWin32
sc stop VMAuthdService

I run these to start/stop services only when I need them.

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