I’ve been busy packing the past couple of weeks. We are lucky in that we have the opportunity to pack and move well in advance. So we are taking the time to organize and go through all our crap.

Crap it is. Besides beds and clothes everything now is in boxes or piles. One for yard sale. One for stuff we’ll keep. The stuff we’ll keep we’ve been going through and tossing away.

It’s amazing how much crap we collect. We have a full box of magic markers and a full box of crayons. We found something like 10 pairs of scissors. Tons of little happy meal and bubble gum machine toys.

The whole thing has made me wonder if we as humans aren’t going about it all wrong. Why do we even have closets? We are wasting a few feet of wall to toss up doors that make it harder to get to our stuff. We hide our stuff in little rooms. We put it in storage.

Closets are just silly. If you came over to my house and noticed an attractive shelving system, nicely organized instead of a closet you’d probably be more impressed.

Lots of silly stuff though. Like it’s amazing how much crap we have for decoration. We have so much of it it isn’t very decorative. We have a half dozen little children’s toys that didn’t work as advertised, and a half dozen adult toys that are the same. Apparently we are addicted to stuffed animals. All of us gave up bags of them.

Old clothes are always going to happen. But did we really need six pairs of winter gloves for the kid? Do I need 32 pairs of socks?

Probably 200 pencils with 100 pens, three scientific calculators and a half dozen pencil sharpeners another half dozen headphones.

I’ve collected tons of computer junk too. Two dozen power cables. A few hundred feet of Ethernet and Coaxial cable. Countless boards and chips.

Yard sale, yard sale. We are having a big one. What doesn’t sell that I know will goes to E-bay. The rest to the local freecycle community. Anything left over to the salvation army. As I’m looking around there is more that needs to sell. You see I plan on using the yard sale money to upgrade. Maybe we should sell all our ratty towels.

I need to get new ones if I’m gonna display them out in the open one day.

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