Google’s Stalking Me

I was working on my website this morning when suddenly I noticed some ads for BMW and Ford.

It’s a guitar site, the ads have been about guitars, tab, and music. At first I had some piano ads in there but a few days with the ad filter and tweaking my site a bit took care of that. So I was rather dismayed when I saw ads about cars.

I tried to block them, but they were nasty referral URL’s and they are a pain to block without killing the nastier referrer (who may happen to good ads to serve too).

So I’m searching for an answer, with no avail. When suddenly it dawns on me. I’ve been shopping for a car.

Google knows this. They watched me go to the car websites and hit up car loan sites. I’ve done numerous searches on how to buy a new car.

So somewhere in the last couple of hours google decided to try out some targeted advertising. I know this because a few hours ago I looked through the ads on my site to see if they were good and relevant. Don’t want any more piano lessons to come though.

A quick removal of all google cookies took care of it. I’m back to guitar bliss.

Just strange and freaky. Wish I had saved those cookies, I’d invite everyone else to try.

Ohh and I’m not the only one. Check out this stalking story.

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