Firefox Restart Loop

For some reason somethings been going wrong with several installations of Firefox 3.0.1 – 3.0.3. On multiple machines I’ve seen Firefox continuously restart while trying to update. I’ve come up with one way to get Firefox to take. I’m honestly not sure if it’s the best but here goes.

First reboot to get out of the update infinite loop. Sometimes killing the Firefox process itself can end the cycle.

Next uninstall Firefox. As long as you don’t check mark the box to delete your stuff your settings will be saved.

Grab the latest version of Firefox. I’ve found on some computers if you try and install it will complain about Firefox needing to be uninstalled. Instead open a command prompt. Type:

CD Desktop
Fire(tab) /S
{Windows has name completion so the above line should look like >"Firefox Setup 3.0.3.exe" /S}

This will initiate a silent install that won’t complain. After a few seconds double click on the icon and all should be well after you reset Firefox as your default browser.

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