Bookmark Roundup 1

I have this collection of well meaning bookmarks that just expands until I have to dump them somewhere. I’ve tried out some of the social bookmark sites but none of them have the one feature I really need which is to somehow give me the time to go through them.

So I thought I’d post them here with a brief description.

  • I found this pretty good list of Vista tips. My tip would be just don’t install Vista.
  • STADS is a program to easily switch out the default audio device. Unfortunately support for multiple audio devices is lacking. I’ve yet to try out how Vista handles this with it’s improved mixer.
  • A photo gallery of sexy Star Wars recruiter posters. I really should have one of them as my wallpaper. Though my current wallpaper isn’t bad.
  • Here is an interesting interview with John Carmack about the ongoing debate to Ray Trace or not.
  • I’ve always wanted to learn how to Silkscreen so I could make my own witty T-shirts.
  • WordNet® is a large lexical database of English. In other words it’s an online dictionary/thesaurus thing that’s also available for download.
  • The United States Navy Electricity & Electronics Training Series seemed like a good place to brush up on my electronics.
  • The css-discuss wiki seems like a real good place to get some design advice.
  • One of these days I’ll memorize a solution to the Rubik’s Mini Cube. For now I have a few general moves and then I stab around in the dark until it magically solves itself.
  • If I ever invent something this Online Machine Shop might be a good place for some prototypes.
  • I’m the proud owner of a partial Lego Mindstorms kit. The Bricx Command Center looked like the best free software out there to control and program it.
  • We really hate how outdated the game Guess Who is. If you ever wanted to design an accurate game the 2000 Census seems like a good place to start.

I think that’s it for this round. I hope you enjoy all the things I’ll never have time for.

One Reply to “Bookmark Roundup 1”

  1. Here is what I’ve managed to pull up about the new version of Guess Who.

    15 males / 15 females

    22 whites
    4 blacks
    2 asians
    2 hispanics

    4 over 65
    22 18-65
    4 less then 18

    2006 top 15 names

    1. Jacob
    2. Michael
    3. Joshua
    4. Ethan
    5. Matthew
    6. Daniel
    7. Christopher
    8. Andrew
    9. Anthony
    10. William
    11. Joseph
    12. Alexander
    13. David
    14. Ryan
    15. Noah

    1. Emily
    2. Emma
    3. Madison
    4. Isabella
    5. Ava
    6. Abigail
    7. Olivia
    8. Hannah
    9. Sophia
    10. Samantha
    11. Elizabeth
    12. Ashley
    13. Mia
    14. Alexis
    15. Sarah

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