Tux - Linux Mascot

It’s not about Tux

I love the little guy. I wouldn’t use anything else but Linux for my servers. Open source ftw!

But it’s not about Tux. Llynix came around before Tux, and while not before Linux certainly before it was popular.

Black Cauldron Poster

Chronicles of Prydain

You may remember “The Black Cauldron,” a Disney movie based on a series written by Lloyd Alexander. The Chronicles of Prydain features many of the Welsh double Ls in its’ names. This is where the inspiration comes from.

Final Fantasy Boxart

Final Fantasy

Remember Final Fantasy on Nintendo? The original one had all the jam packed features of today’s games with none of the graphics! I was trying to think of a name for a character. I was adamant about giving all my players custom names and this particular one I went a little silly on. I had my notepad open, pencil in hand and my best friend sitting next to me begging for me to pick ‘Jeff’ or something so we can get on with the game.

Hip Logo

A + B = Hip

The double Ll was in my head along with a y. I scribbled down a nix and the rest is history. Final Fantasy or the internet was never the same!

Actually I used the name Pellaeon for awhile, but when I finally hit the world wide web I found there were others out there using the same nom de plume. So I reverted to my old FF name.

After finding it completely unique to myself I continue to use it and tag it to everything I can. Maybe some future historian will find me interesting. In a world wide web which is all too anonymous it’s nice to have something I can claim as mine. A trademark if you will.

The logo is courtesy Kris Northern. It was done for a chatbot project I worked on called Alicebot. Kris has said I can use the logo but if I ever made it huge I owe him.

Here’s to hoping one day I’ll owe him.

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