New Categories

I added two new categories and renamed writings to articles. I thought the rename might cause some problems but from what I see WordPress automatically guesses if it doesn’t find a URL so the old links should still be valid. I had a lot of articles that were Windows or Linux specific hence the new categories. Hope you all enjoy.

Bookmark Roundup 2 – Humor

This time with a theme:

  • A programmer’s reply to writing sentences on the blackboard.
  • These Bud Light Radio Commercials just crack me up. And I’ve gotten really good at coming up with improv versions from time to time.
  • At the end of many popular sitcoms there is some quick text that goes by too quick to watch it unless you have a pause button. That would be Chuck Lorre.
  • You may have wondered about God. This God FAQ clears up any confusions.
  • Homestar Runner is bound to waste hours of your time. I like the StrongBad emails.
  • Of course not as much time as XKCD.
  • The Tao of Programing has enlightened me much.