Star Wars Perler

R2D2 in Perler BeadsIf you came here looking for Star Wars Perler Bead patterns you’ve come to the right place. The one on the left is one I designed off of a GIF file I had found. I’ve also found a Stormtrooper’s Helmet, a Tie Fighter, and the very clever Yoda.

If you find anymore let us know.







2 responses to “Star Wars Perler”

  1. Tim Dutcher Avatar

    Here’s another R2D2 mad from Perler Beads:

    There’s a photo on the site that shows the finished design hanging in a window. It must have taken a long time to make but turned out pretty cool.


    Issaquah, WA

  2. Danny Winne Avatar

    I have to buy the new star wars theme on my Tom Tom GPS. Looks like It’s wonderful!

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